Welcome to OPIVA!

OPIVAs emergence 
We, Niclas Holmebäck and Mette Ståhlgren are former colleagues from a major company in the endoscopy and together have over 40 years of experience in medical technology. Together we decided to dare to invest in our dream, to start their own, OPIVA AB.

Our vision
Our vision is to provide high quality, modern products that have all the features customers expect and where the product adapts to the client's needs, to have good availability and to be a close partner to our customers. In addition, we want to create conditions for a competitive price. We can keep lower prices is partly due to our lean organization where some of the company's operations are managed by partners such as PwC (accounting), so we can devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our customers. We also share premises with other companies in the medical technology, Anatomica AB in order to be able to share in customer service and logistics.

Our products stand for innovation in design which includes the appearance of the product, ease of use, hygiene and ergonomics. Many of the products have received awards in design, something we are proud of!

Our office hours are weekdays 8-20, weekends 9-18, all to be available to our customers.


What we can offer
- Stroboskopi in different levels with associated voice analysis
- Endoscopic equipment
- Camera system
- Equipment for FUS
- Instrument